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1995. Storm Of  The Light’s Bane

is the second album by band Dissection, shows a clear progression from their first effort, The Somberlain. While continuing in the same vein, Dissection have expanded on Somberlain’s melodic black metal, and the resulting collection of songs shows a marked improvement in composition and songwriting. 

Dissection further refines their brand of icy black/death metal with impressive and frightening results. The guitar tone is icy cold and greatly enhances the atmosphere. The drumming is also outstanding, very fast with a lot of variety and quite audible. Nödtveidt’s vocals are exceptional as well.

Everything about that songs is perfect. 

is Dissection’s best effort, and a masterpiece that anyone can appreciate and enjoy, If you don’t like this album, then you probably don’t like music.

   Jon Nödtveidt      Johan Norman     Peter Palmdahl   Ole Öhman 

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What was your best/craziest/worst moshing experience? What concert were you at? 

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Canadian carnage your, 2 big mother fuckers threw me and my buddy’s Into the pits cause people wouldn’t let us get in front, so they picked us up and we crowd surfed into the pits while slayer came on and tore shit up

I love to crowdsurf lol




What was your best/craziest/worst moshing experience? What concert were you at? 

(Brutality of music awaits you at )


Craziest mosh pit experience? Rockfest 2013 during Volbeats A Warriors Call. A mosh pit formed around me (I didn’t want a part of it) I tried to step out so that they could have their fun but got knocked down to the ground repeatedly before finally standing my ground and bracing for anything that came my way. luckily the mosh pit died down before anyone else came at me. And that is my craziest mosh pit experience

I never really fall because people seem to pick me up before I hit the floor, the worse thing that happens to me is running into a 300 lb dude , and since i went to the same venue most concerts the same dude and his friends who are the same size drunk out of their minds before the show even starts . They run into me every time and send me flying 6 feet back lol I always get injuries from the impact



Hey ACID BATH fans, it’s September already!!! which means…

The auction for this precious rare autographed vinyl of ACID BATH ‘s “When The Kite String Pops” will end VERY SOON!!!!! (09/07/14)

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Here’s why this means a lot to Power bacK Productions…

My boyfriend Nygyl BryyN who is also the CEO of the record label suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. There are different kinds, and for some it gets very fatal.

Muscular Dystrophy is a progressive genetic disorder that still has no cure, resources for treatment are very limited and are only provided in limited areas, but by raising awareness we can fix this problem. 

I see him suffer and battle his disability every day, but I do my best to improve his condition and ease his pain.
When Pushing Paddles for a Cure came up with the auction, it meant a lot to us, especially being huge fans of Acid Bath. Pushing Paddles’ cause inspired by a boy named Dillion Joseph Shicksnider who passed away at the age of 16 due to his condition (Today he would be 21). Here, you can read more about his story

We are very honored to join in by raising awareness through our record label

It would be great if you can do the same simply by spreading the word!! 


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I usually stay out of the pit, but nothing bugs me more than seeing kids swinging their arms and kicking the air.

 ”hardcore dancers” or whatever they call em, those kids need an ass whoopin cuz that aint moshing