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Hello creatures!

I’ve been very bored this summer, so I have thought of something that might be fun to do..

So I decided to show you guys warm thanks and appreciation for being awesome and sticking around.

Here is what I decided to do:

I will take an awesome selfie that will be artistically themed based on YOUR blog!  

I will dedicate this for my next  #1 TOP FOLLOWING FAN this week. (I will post a screenshot of the result)

I will display YOUR blog and praise you for your great support. :)

If this turns out fun I will be doing stuff like this more often!

This let us start TODAY 07/27/14 and ends SATURDAY NIGHT 08/02/14!! 

So give me something to take a cool creative selfie for and check out my blog now! like, reblog, reply or do whatever, just make sure you have fun :D


This awesome dude Joko Widodo a supporter of  Metal and a fan of bands like Metallica and Napalm Death. He’s now the next president of Indonesia. \m/ Great people are starting to bloom in this world.

Power bacK Productions is proud to be one of the supporters of Indonesian Metal like the bands Sacrifice In Vain, and Prisoner Massacre.

Anonymous: Not sure how to say I want to consensually violate you in the most respectful way possible,

Don’t know what that means, I’m puzzled.. lol

smallwheatqueen replied to your post “Behemoth 2014”

How were Goatwhore? They’re my favorite band on that bill easily

They were amazing, best show of my life. The venues was way too packed it was definitely passed limit so there was definitely a suffer of the smell of sweat and feces but it’s so Metal so who gives a fuck it was wonderful.



I live to bring Metal back to the world, to give the power to the musicians and to promote underground bands around the world. I am always searching for the devoted kind. If you think Metal is dead in your town or country, do not give up! I lived in a country where Metal was forbidden, and you would be called a Satanist and get arrested. Metal is a crime in a lot of countries, and I know how it is to see nothing but closed doors…but there is always one opportunity! Power bacK Productions is the record label that I am working as an A&R for. If you play Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Metalcore, or even Hard Rock wherever you are in the world we want to give you the power and serve you to play true music for the world. Always feel free to approach me or send me your band’s music. Or even if you are an independent musician looking for a band! I am working hard to find very talented people, so help me out!!! Like on Facebook, and follow on Twitter @powerbackprod , and check out our Reverbnation, and Myspace profiles! I will be creating a Tumblr blog just for Power bacK so stay with me !!! Feel free to shoot me a message, we could have a cool conversation, or you can send me your music to check out!! I am waiting for you all to reach out to me!

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The Power bacK blog is brought to life! Now it’s waiting to create the Metal army and support for Metal bands around the world, check it out !!!! We are discovering great Heavy Metal bands around the world that need support, & I work as an A&R for this record label, so let us know what you think, submissions are available!! 

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Hypocrisy- End of Disclosure

Best song ever, best video ever, I really love this song.